Innovation Platform

Fulai has a high-level R&D team, with Zhejiang Provincial high-tech enterprise research and development Center, Zhejiang Engineering Research Center for High-performance Composite Film Materials, Jiaxing Nano-coated composite film research and development key Laboratory, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial enterprise Research Institute, provincial postdoctoral workstation and other technological innovation platforms.

  • Postdoctoral Workstation

    Postdoctoral Workstation

    The postdoctoral workstation of Zhejiang Fulai New Materials Co., Ltd. was officially listed in 2019. Since the establishment of the station, the workstation has been in strict accordance with the requirements of “practical, enlarged and sustainable”, and has actively done a good job in recruiting postdoctoral fellows to enter the station, giving full play to the active role of the postdoctoral workstation in the introduction and training of talents and the recommendation of industry-university-research cooperation.It cooperates with Southeast University, Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other scientific research institutes and universities.A total of 11 postdoctoral fellows have been successfully introduced. At present, there is 1 postdoctoral fellow and 10 postdoctoral fellows.

  • Enterprise Research Institute

    Enterprise Research Institute

    Zhejiang Fulai New Materials High-performance Composite Film Materials Enterprise Research Institute is committed to promoting the technological progress of enterprises, enhancing the independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness of enterprises, with a view to becoming a core base to support and promote the development of enterprises themselves.It has a core technology that integrates the whole process from high-performance adhesives and film materials to precision micro-nano coating. It solves the technical problems of high production costs, unstable technology, and performance of domestic high-efficiency and multi-functional composite films that are much lower than corresponding imported products, and realizes import substitution in subdivided fields.

Innovative Results

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